Introducing TRiA

Multi-cloud management doesn’t need to be difficult. Streamlining your cloud-management accross any environment is now possible with TRiA Multi-Cloud.

TRiA Multi-Cloud provides a professionally supported, single dashboard solution that enables management of the following environments through a single pane of glass.

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • VMware

  • UNIX and

  • IBM i Series

This covers:

  • public

  • and private clouds

With TRiA you and your company receive consolidated visibility covering your environemnts’:

  • Security

  • Performane

  • Resource Spend

  • Compliance

  • and Support Posture.

It continuously gathers data from your connected cloud resources, identifies changes, creates events, and alerts Connectria’s 24/7 Command Center for intervention. The tool delivers:

  • policy,

  • resource and

  • provisioning automation.

TRiA Multi-Cloud includes native automation which can actively fix problems, rather than notifying after the fact when it may be too late. It can also auto-discover and apply policies to existing and new cloud resources regardless of how resources are provisioned or changed over time. The result is a DevOps best practice approach to managing Performance, Security/Compliance, and Costs in the cloud.

If you are interested in trying TRiA’s for yourself, visit to schedule a 30-minute demo.