Cost & Optimization

TRiA provides comprehensive insights into your multi-clouds cost-structure and saving opportunities.

2 The `Cost at a Glance` card displays your running cloud spend vs your forecasted spend for your various cloud deployments.


Spend Dashboard

Selecting the ‘View Dashboard’ button directs you to the `Spend Dashboard`:


By default the Spend Dashboard summarizes your costs accross all of your Connectria accounts.

2+3 The dashboard shows your past, running and forecasted cloud spend for the last 12 months.

4 The Monthly Spend Breakdown can be adjusted to display data for past periods.

6+2 In addition, you can click on the AWS or Azure box in the ‘Monthly Overview’ graph’s legend to filter the graph for the relevant cloud provider:

7+8 An aggregate, more concise breakdown of each account’s cloud-spend is provided.

1 If you manage multiple Connectria accounts you can change the dashboard’s account data via the account picker. This changes the Spend Dashboard to an account-specific context:


7 The ‘Spend by Resources’ list provides a cost-breakdown by cloud-service.

5 This paginated list can be exported via the ‘Export Resources’ button.

9 You can also access the full report via the ‘View Full Report’ button.

Spend by Resources


1 The ‘Spend by Resources’ list provides a breakdown of your spend by resources.

You can change your cloud-account 2 or timeframe 3.

Spend Optimization

8 The `Spend Dashboard` provides insight into your cloud’s saving potential.


From there you will be redirected to the ‘Spend Optimization’ screen.


The ‘Spend Optimization’ view provides a high-level summary and detailed breakdown of services and resources with savings potential.

Cost saving opportunities can be sourced from

  • 1 CloudCheckr,

  • 2 AWS Trusted Advisor or

  • 3 Azure Trusted Advisor

The availability of Cost Optimization options via AWS Trusted Advisor and/or Azure Trusted Advisor is depending on the support level your cloud-account enjoys.

Optimizations are derived from best-practices that deliver greatly reduced hourly rates, configuration optimizations and/or recommendations specific to select services.

4 Resource-specific recommendations can be accessed for each resource via the View Details button.

5 Each spend optimization recommendation can be accessed via the View Details Button.