Getting Started

TRiA has no sign-up process. New customers are onboarded via Connectria’s Managed Services Team. You will receive your authentication details during the onboarding process.

If you are interested in leveraging next-gen cloud management for your

Visit to sign in with your user credentials:


The TRiA Dashboard

The TRiA Dashboard is your entry-point to all its multi-cloud management features. It delivers a single pane of glass to help you quickly understand the state, status and shortcomings of your multi-cloud environments.


The Dashboard provides a quick and easy overview of your organization’s:

  1. Deployed resources [Resource Management]

  2. Cloud-spend and potential savings [Cost & Optimization],

  3. Security & Compliance insights [Security & Compliance at a Glance],

  4. Operation and performance posture [Operation and Performance],

  5. Tickets your team submitted to Connectria [Ticketing],

  6. Automated infrastructure tasks you scheduled through the TRiA Bot Factory [Automations],

  7. Contacts for your Connectria team,

  8. Ability to submit a new ticket ‘ticket submission view’ [Submit a new Ticket]

  9. Ability to all other features via the TRiA Menu, along with access to external tools;