Creating a Bot


TRiA currently permits viewing, creating and editing bots. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or submit a ticket should you wish to delete a Bot.

Users can create bots easily through TRiA’s web interface. The bots page includes a “Create Bot” button that, when clicked, brings a user to the bot creation dialog.

Here, the user assigns bots a name, description, and category. The user then determines which resources are within the scope of this new bot - that is the resources that the bot will filter and act upon - and then chooses and configures the bot’s filters and actions.

Bots may have more than one filter and more than one action. If a bot has more than one filter, resources are matched only if they match all of the bot’s filters. If a bot has more than one action, those actions are executed in series, i.e., the topmost action executes first and when it is finished, the following action is executed, and so on until the list of actions has been fully traversed. Finally, bots may have specific actions for resources that match all of their filters or for those that do not.

As an example, TRiA’s “Resource Has Tags” filter has configurable fields including a list of tags. If “hello” and “world” were entered as this filter’s tags, then the bot would match resources with both of those tags and not match resources without both tags, i.e., resources missing “hello”, “world”, or “hello” and “world” would not match. The user could continue to add filters to the same bot and the bot would then only match resources that matched the “hello” and “world” tags filter and all additional filters. It would not match resources that failed to match any one of the filters.

Once filters have been assigned, the user selects actions to run when the bot matches or does not match a resource. For example, if the “Send Email” action was assigned to run when all of the bot’s filters matched a resource and if the action’s configuration was filled out using an email subject, body, and recipients, then every time a resource possessed both tags “hello” and “world”, an email would be sent.